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Intimate Earth - Gentle Clitoral Arousal Serum 30 ml
Intimate Earth is the brand you need to reach for when you want to get things fired up and hot in the bedroom. This is a brand that understands that some women are very sensitive and that there is no such thing as one lube fits all. That is why the gentle clitoral gel was made so it has a lower level of peppermint oil- so the special girl in your life can still enjoy all the fun and passion of clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse and clitoral toy play without pain and discomfort. Treat your girl right with Intimate Earth - Gentle Clitoral Gel!  
Intimate Earth
Conceive Plus - Fertility Lubricant Multi-Use Tube 30 ml
Oh, baby!If you want to get pregnant soon, Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant can help make that happen. This special lubricant is the only fertility lubricant known to proactively increase your chances of getting pregnant. Its advanced formula contains magnesium and calcium ions, which help keep sperm healthy and swimming along. To use, just apply a teaspoon-sized amount on both you and your partner. Now get to work and enjoy making that baby!
Conceive Plus
Sensuva - ON Arousal Oil For Her 5 ml (Ice)
Do cool sensations turn you on? You are not alone and that is precisely why Sensuva created the On Arousel Oil for Her in Ice. It is an all natural formula that will take you to unnatural levels of arousal with the natural vibrations, tingling and cool sensation combination. It will make you more sensitive so you can enjoy ever single motion. On Ice makes your body react like it is on fire!- Creates a cool and tingly sensation- Pulsates and vibrates- Incredibly powerful- All-natural, healthy ingredients- Works quickly!- Makes a lot of women feel like they lubricate more5 ml
Sensuva - ON Arousal Oil For Her 5 ml (Lite)
Oils speak to men and women alike, especially in your bedroom. The new ON Arousal Oil Lite offers sensual touches for that extra sexy night in! The Lite Oil dims the intensity for your unique sex wants and needs. The oil may be used for sensitivity to your skin, while feeling erotic at the same time! The ON Arousal Oil Lite cums in a 5ml size, so apply yours today!5 ml
System JO - For Women Chill Clitoral Stimulant Silicone Gel 10 ml
JO G-Spot Clitoral Cooling (Arctic) Gel, made from top quality pharmaceutical grade silicone, is mild, so that it works well for the women who are a little more sensitive down there. It produces a nice tingling sensation, as well as cooling. The effect can go on for about 45 minutes, and it is safe for use with toys that are not made of silicone.- Mild formula for sensitive women- Effect lasts up to 45 minutes- Contains NO L-Arginine and NO Hormones- pH balanced formula made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients- Safe for use with non-silicone toysExperience deeper, more intense sensual ecstasy with JO G-Spot Gel!
System JO
System JO - For Women Arctic Clitoral Stimulant Silicone Gel 10 ml
System JO Clitoral Cooling Gel (Chill) comes in the amount of 10 milliliters. It will last you a long time, as you only need a drop or two to experience intense pleasure for about 45 minutes. It will send you into ecstasy with the combination of cooling and tingling to your most sensitive parts.- Wild formula for extra intense gratification- Effect lasts up to 45 minutes- Contains NO L-Arginine and NO Hormones- pH balanced formula made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients- Safe for use with non-silicone toys
System JO
System JO - For Women Atomic Clitoral Stimulant Silicone Gel 10 ml
JO Clitoral Stimulating (Warming - Atomic) Gel is a great addition to your sensual life. Just one or two drops will be enough to give you an amazing tingling feeling and warming sensation immediately. It will last for about 45 minutes too, making it a great enhancement in your love play. The formula is free of hormones and pH balanced to work with your natural chemistry.- ATOMIC formula for the ultimate experience- Effect lasts up to 45 minutes- Contains NO L-Arginine and NO Hormones- pH balanced formula made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients- Safe for use with non-silicone toys- Up to 50 Applications per tube
System JO
Sensuva - ON Arousal Oil For Her 5 ml (Ultra)
Enjoy the ultimate pleasure by using ON Ultra Arousal Oil For Her during your lovemaking or masturbation session. Made with all natural oil and balm, this oil contains the strongest formula that is suitable for advanced users. This arousal oil produces an extraordinary warm and buzzing sensation that will intensify your orgasms, leaving you feeling satisfied every time. ON Ultra Arousal Oil For Her comes in a 5 ml bottle, which makes it perfect to take with you on a special weekend getaway.5 ml
Sensuva - Tush Tingle Anal Stimulation Gel 59 ml
Craving a little tingle on your tush? This one-of-a-kind anal stimulation gel gives you and your partner a seriously fun way to experiment with new sensations during anal play. You'll love applying it during extreme anal penetration or exhilarating external play. Tush Tingle Anal Stimulation Gel from Sensuva creates a gentle tingling sensation complete with peppermint oil. People love combining this anal gel with their favourite toy for the sexiest night in a long time. Try a little or try a lot, but we "ass-ure" you... you won't be disappointed.- Creates a gentle tingling sensation with peppermint oil - For stronger sensation, use as many additional applications as desired.- Safe for oral play- Made from natural ingredients- Glycerin and paraben free- No Oil - Safe with latex products and other materials - Tea Tree extract is a natural ingredient that kills bacteria and fungus. It also reduces inflammation.59 ml
Classic Erotica - Max Arousal Exciting Sex Gel (Clear)
This clear gel can enhance your entire sexual experience. You'll feel a heightened sense of arousal as well as enjoy a more pleasurable sensation during sex. The carefully selected ingredients have been proven to increase arousal without harmful chemicals. Natural peppermint oil, L-Arginine, and Niacin are the main ingredients and provide a non-greasy, water-soluble, and latex friendly experience for the user. The gel can be safely used with sex toys and won't stain your bed sheets! This product hasn't been tested on animals nor does it contain parabens, sugar, or sulfates. Proudly made in the USA.Features: paraben-free, sugar-free, sulfate-free, fragrance free, non-greasy, water-soluble, adult toy and latex friendly, non-staining, made in the USA, and no animal testing.
Classic Erotica
Wet - WOW Max 0.5 oz (Black)
Treat her to a night to remember with Max O Clitoral Arousel Gel. Two vasodilators in Max O draw blood to her most sensitive area and create a warming tingling sensation that she'll never forget. Gently apply and discover new heights of sexual pleasure. So close the windows, turn up the music, and let her scream away tonight with Max O Clitoral Arousel Gel.
Intimate Earth - Discover G-Spot Gel 30 ml (Orange)
Have trouble finding the G-spot? Not anymore. This revolutionary G-spot gel from Intimate Earth features a unique formula that actually increases the size and sensitivity of the G-spot. This makes the G-spot easy to find and easy to pleasure. If you've ever wanted to have a G-spot orgasm together with your partner, this amazing gel is your answer. Made of a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil and L-Arginine, use it just once and you'll take your intimacy to a whole new level.
Intimate Earth
Kama Sutra - Intensify Plus Warm and Arousing 0.4 oz. (Red)
Are you ready for hotter, more intense sexual pleasure that will drive you and your partner wild? Grab this incredible arousing gel from Kama Sutra and prepare for takeoff. Intensify Plus Warm and Arousing Gel is great for solo play, too. It heightens sensitivity in the most sensitive regions and intensifies your already sensational sex! Make a hot night even hotter --- keep a bottle of Intensify handy during playtime.
Kama Sutra
Sensuva - ON Arousal Oil for Her 5ml (Original)
Sex is a beautiful expression of raw sensuality, of need and desire - celebrate it with this natural ingredient-blended arousal oil from Sensuva. Free of harsh parabens, flavorings, colorings and preservative, it brings you closer to you erotic expressions with a mix of potent essential oils and aphrodisiac essences. Designed to be used directly on your love button to increase sensitivity, ON oil should not be used with latex condoms, as it could affect their reliability.5 ml
Boy Butter - Churn Style Oil Based Lubricant Tub 4 oz
Boy Butter Lubes is specially develop to be the only personal lubricant you need that is perfect for maximizing the pleasure of favorite erotic and passionate foreplay and positions. Enhance every sensation and extend the passion longer by using Boy Butter. This personal lube comes in a 4-ounce plastic tub with a snap on lid. It slides on slick and smooth, stay slippery longer than other lubes, and Boy Butter is totally water-soluble, washing right off even in cold water. Try adding some into your tight schedule today and see the difference for yourself! Ingredients :Coconut oil-based personal lubricant blended with an organic silicone 
Boy Butter
Intimate Earth - Intense Clitoral Gel 30 ml (Purple)
Just a dab of Intimate Earth's Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel will drive her wild with sexual pleasure during intimate moments. This incredible formula of peppermint oil, L-Arginine, damiana, and L-Ornithine naturally increase the blood flow to her intimate regions to facilitate mind-blowing orgasms. Wholly organic and non-greasy, this amazing clitoral stimulating gel can be used to enhance solo pleasure or used with a lucky partner.
Intimate Earth

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