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Beginner Bondage Kit
We have a (not entirely scientific) hypothesis to share, and here it is: lots of us have probably fantasized about being playfully cuffed, spanked, blindfolded and beyond at least once or twice. If you've been searching for the perfect way to turn some bondage-bent fantasies into reality, you've come to the right place! Shots Beginner Bondage Kit was specifically curated for particularly playful partners.Inside, you'll find find six deep black bondage mainstays; a classic flogger, a lovely satin eye mask, a beginner-friendly breathable ball gag, two pairs of soft-lined cuffs (one for wrists and one for ankles) and a teasing feather tickler.Let's talk about the cuffs first! Lined in super-soft fuzziness and designed to fit playful bondage scenarios of all types (not to mention wrists and ankles of just abut any size), the two sets of Plush Cuffs combine supple bonded leather styling with sturdy metal hardware. Thick straps fully surround the wrists and ankles, buckling tight to defy escape. Immobilize a playmate's legs by connecting handy swivel clasps to each Cuff's D-ring (or each-other)- they're conveniently compatible with favorite play gear, bondage systems and beyond.  As for the Flogger, it's completely capable of delivering lightly tickling tickles or more serious sting. The classic design includes a firm, faux leather wrapped handle that provides a fantastic grip for the soft velvety strands. Trail it teasingly over sensitive skin body-wide, or flick firmly for more of a bite. The Flogger measures about 17.5"/44.5cm, excluding the wrist strap.Blocking light while keeping the submissive mate (literally) in the dark when it comes to the other's intentions, the included Satin Eye Mask creates amazingly in-tune sensuality and enhanced pleasure reception. In soft black satin, this playtime offering features a versatile elasticized strap.While they're blindfolded (or while they have you blindfolded), try trailing the 11" Feather Tickler over sweet spots - the whisper soft touch will ignite nerve endings as it sets the mood for pleasure to come. Seriously sexy and definitely inspirational, the Breathable Ball Gag is the final piece to the Beginner Bondage Kit's pleasure puzzle. Very effectively restraining the wearer - orally, at least! - the beginner-geared Gag silences sound and discourages spitting, biting and other various forms of oral disobedience. Filling their mouth with a smooth 1.6" (4cm) perforated sphere, the Gag buckles securely into place around the back of your/their head. As with any gag, please keep a watchful eye on your bound-up partner to be sure they can breath/swallow comfortably. In other words, play safe!Each piece of the Beginner Bondage Kit can very easily be used alone, or in combination with other play gear you might already own, but we highly recommend pairing them up for some very pleasurable effects!
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Beginner Bondage Kit
Beginner Bondage Kit
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