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Dona - Pheromone Infused Bath Salt 225 ml (Blushing Berry)
The DONA bath salts will stimulate your senses and awaken your sense of eroticism. You can use these to spruce up a romantic bath with that special person, or you can take them and put them into the bath while you are just by yourself so that you can feel extra-special. The flirty blushing berry scent is pleasant to smell and will leave you smelling lovely as well. These salts incorporate pheromones and aphrodisiacs for extra fun.Ingredients: - Aphrodisiac & pheromone infused - Romance yourself (and your lover!) in an indulgent bath - 3 fragrances: Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) & Naughty (Sinful Spring
Dona - Pheromone Infused Bubble Bath 250 ml (Blushing Berry)
Dona brings you their finest Bubble Bath in Blushing Berry. This 250 ml bottle is loaded with aphrodisiacs and pheromones that will get your senses erotically charged. You'll be ready for anything after a fine bath with berry scented bubbles. Or make it a bath experience for two, anytime you need an exotic pick-me-up ripe with pleasure. There is nothing sexier than bubbles against naked skin.Ingredients: - Aphrodisiac & pheromone infused - Luxurious lather for clean, radiant skin - Just 1-2 capfuls creates an indulgent spa experience - 3 fragrances: Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) & Naughty (Sinful Spring)
Scholl - Electronic Nail Care System 3X1 (Blue)
A woman's feet should be soft and beautiful. However, getting a pedicure at a salon can be time consuming and expensive. If you don't have the time or the money, the Scholl - Electronic Nail Care System 3X1 (Blue) can help you get silky smooth heels and perfectly filed nails, giving you beautiful, desirable feet from the comfort of your own home.
Scholl - Roller Refill Mix Pack of 2 (Black)
A Scholl electric foot file can be used to remove calluses as well as dry and flaky skin from the feet. But as the tool is used, the rollers begins to wear out and the device becomes less effective. This can leave you with rough or cracked feet. When this happens, the Scholl - Roller Refill Mix Pack of 2 (Black) can be used to replace the worn out rollers, helping give you smooth foot skin once again.
Beyond Bodi Heat - Non Medicated Heat Pack Single (White)
The Beyond BodiHeat heat pads provide up to 12 hours of air-activated, non-medicated, easy-to-use pain relief. They provide soothing heat for sore joints and muscles. Using your own circulation to disperse the warming action throughout your body, Beyond BodiHeat pads work quickly.UNIQUE FEATURES: Sooth sore, aching muscles. Relieve back and joint pain. Reduce neck and shoulder pain. Ease knee pain. Ideal for lengthy drives and flights, or long days at the office. Great before or during sports activities or chores. Designed to be worn over clothing. Measurement: 9.5cm by 13cm
Beyond Bodi Heat
Beyond Bodi Heat - Non Medicated Heat Pack 5s Value Pack (White)
Enjoy soothing relief for sore joints and muscles with Beyond BodiHeat's easy-to-use, air-activated, non-medicated heat pads. They ease pain fast for up to 12 hours. This unique formula works with the body's circulatory system to deliver relief quickly and throughout your body. Ideal for reducing pain in the shoulder, neck, joints, back, and elsewhere. Designed to be worn over your clothing not against your skin. Measurement: 9.5cm by 13cm
Beyond Bodi Heat
Pearlie White - Anti Bacterial Breathspray IcyMint 8.5ml (Blue)
There is more to good sex than what's below. No one wants to get it on with someone whose breath blows them away in all the wrong aspects. This handy breath spray makes sure that you are always ready. The mint flavor is strong enough to knock out unwanted smells, yet gentle enough to keep your lover engaged. You do yourself a real favor in investing in an accessory such as this since it is alcohol-free and available in three different mint flavors. Freshness comes with variety!
Pearlie White
Pearlie White - Fluorinze Alcohol Free Antibacterial Fluoride Mouth Rinse 100ml (Blue)
Your partner is great and fun! You click on every level. Wouldn't it be a shame if bad breath hurt your relationship? With Fluorinze™ Alcohol Free Mouth Rinse your bad breath worries are over! Just a sip and your breath will be so fresh that your partner will ask for more (mouth rinse that is). Besides that, this fabulous mouth rinse destroys bacteria that causes cavities and plaque, strengthens tooth enamel, and relieves tooth sensitivity. Good luck!
Pearlie White
Pearlie White - Fluorinze Alcohol Free Antibacterial Fluoride Mouth Rinse 750ml (Blue)
Some lovers are so focused on rocking their partner's world that they forget the basics. Fresh smelling breath is the absolute bare minimum of what you should give society. This mouth rinse was made to help you make a positive impact with its alcohol-free formula and bacteria-fighting mechanisms. You can even use this rinse for tooth sensitivity and to strengthen the overall health of your mouth. Now, how's that for versatility?
Pearlie White
Pjur - Med Clean Personal Cleaning Spray Lotion 100 ml
Pjur- Med Clean Personal Cleaning Spray is a lotion that helps you clean intimate areas and utensils. This lotion is also able to reduce body odor and has a profound effect on bacteria and fungi.If you are between the ages of 18 and 40, this product is made with you in mind. This lotion is intended for topical use and is not a replacement for a condom. This lotion is ideal for sensitive skin or mucous membranes.Directions: spray directly onto the part of the skin or object to be cleaned, and wipe if necessary.
Dettol - Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes 10S
The new Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes from Dettol come in a convenient 10-pack, perfect for cleanup on the go. The anti-bacterial formulation on every Dettol wet wipe gets rid of 99.99% of all known germs, viruses, and bacteria. The fabric of the wet wipe is textured and soft so that there is no irritation to the skin. Every wet wipe is pre-moisturized with purified, filtered, formaldehyde-free, and alcohol-free water.
Aneros - Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes (White)
The Aneros brand of anti-bacterial pre-moistened disposable tissues were made with your comfort and your safety in mind. These wet wipes are all you will need to keep your toys and yourself clean and safe after a play session with partners or alone. The wipes are all natural, pH balanced for your skin, and will not cause harm to the toys. There are 25 wipes in each disposable package.
System JO - Renew Vaginal Moisturizer Original Hygiene 120ml
While personal lubricant can make things feel slick and slippery for a short period of time, vaginal moisturizer offers long-lasting hydrations for your most sensitive tissues. Renew Vaginal Moisturizer Original Hygiene comes from well-known lubricant maker System Jo, so you know you can trust it. A mix of natural moisturizers and Vitamin E provide lasting moisture to increase comfort and decrease irritation during sex and masturbation, and the drip-free formula is free of parabens and fragrance, which can cause irritation.- Infused with an intensive moisturizing blend, enhanced with vitamin E.- Paraben & Fragrance Free.- Ideal for use day or night.- Easy application, no drip.- Long lasting comfort with no stick or tack.Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Dimethicone, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Polyacrylate 13, Bisabolol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Extract, Allantoin, Polyisobutene, hydroxyethylcellulose, Polysorbate 20, Vitamin E Acetate, PEG-45M, Iodopropynyl, Butylcarbamate, Propylene glycol, Dimethiconol, Chlorphenesin
System JO
Pearlie White - Anti Bacterial Breathspray SpearMint 8.5ml (Green)
Never be caught with funky breath again. Freshen your breath instantly with our slim, compact Breathspray that is easily kept in your purse or pocket. It comes in 100 spray count with three breath freshening flavors, such as IcyMint, SpearMint and Alcohol Free Cool Mint. Freshen your breath instantly in the most intimate moments with our handy Breathspray.
Pearlie White
Pearlie White - BrushCare Two Way Tongue Brush (White)
Do you want to get your tongue clean after oral sex? If you do then you know that the regular toothbrush does not cut it and the tongue scraper does not fit in the cabinet. That is when you need to get the best of both worlds by getting the Pearlie White - BrushCare Two Way Tongue Brush (White) which has the soft bristles on one side and the tongue scraper on the other. Flip it to the other side and you will get a firm rubberized scraper that helps thoroughly remove dead cells and bacteria that cause bad breath.
Pearlie White
Pearlie White - Fresh Mint FlossPicks Y 36s (White)
You hate getting food stuck in your teeth, and food hanging out in your mouth an unattractive situation as well. This Y-Shaped flossing tool has an angled head that lets you reach the farthest teeth. FlossPick Y™ is leading-edge smooth and shred-resistant. If you want fast and complete flossing, this is for you. Floss before you kiss the love of your life!
Pearlie White
Dettol - Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes 50S
If you are constantly on the go, you should consider having portable sanitation protection on hand. Dettol Antibacterial Wipes are the ultimate solution. They are unique in the fact that they can both cleanse the body and surfaces. You have a date and need to clean up really quickly when invited over for the evening? Dettol Antibacterial Wipes can quickly clean you up, so you can focus on fun not on if you are clean or not. IIt contains a sterile and stain free formulaIt eradicates 99.9 percent of germs on any surface.There are no harsh irritants like alcohol to dry out your skin.A safe antibacterial wipe for both kids and pets.It is the perfect solution for today's modern man or woman who likes to stay safe and have fun at the same time.

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