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Tokyo Libido - Air Kos Chara Narut Sukisuki Uniform Love Doll Accessory (Multi Colour)
Finding high quality love doll accessories can be a difficult thing. The Tokyo Libido - Air Kos Chara Narut Sukisuki Uniform Love Doll Accessory (Multi Colour) is a wonderful set that can truly help you dress your doll up to fit the role that you want to play every time. This is a great set that is made of high quality materials and that is going to be easy to clean and maintain. Compatible accessory for Tokyo Libido - Air Usahane Blow Up Love Doll (Clear).
Tokyo Libido
Tokyo Libido - Air Kosu Gym Clothes Love Doll Accessory (Multi Colour)
Bring all of his fantasies to life with the Tokyo Libido - Air Kosu Gym Clothes Love Doll Accessory in various colors. You will electrify his senses when he sees you in Air Kosu Gyme clothes. Help him to bring his active fantasies to life as you work out or get active with him during sex play. He's sure to beg for more as you taunt and tanatlize his senses in this gyme outfit.Compatible accessory for Tokyo Libido - Air Usahane Blow Up Love Doll (Clear).
Tokyo Libido
California Exotics - She-ology 5 piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set (Multi Colour)
Vaginal discomfort during sex is very common, especially as women age. Fortunately, this five-piece set of dilators is here to help! Start small and work your way up gradually, noting easier insertion, increased elasticity and strengthened muscles as a result. Each piece is ergonomically curved for comfort and is made from hypoallergenic silicone. Try pairing with a bullet or other small vibrator to enhance sensation.   Specs Total Length: Red: 8.46cm, Purple: 7.92cm, Dark Pink :7.67cm, Blue: 7.52cm, Light Pink: 6.78cm Insertable Length: - Width: Red: 3cm, Purple: 2.46cm, Dark Pink: 2.16cm, Blue: 1.88cm, Light Pink: 1.35cm Material: Hypoallergenic silicone Waterproof: Yes Color: Multi colour Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -    
California Exotics
Wild One - Breast Massager Nipple Attachment Set 1(Multi Colour)
There is nothing sexier than having your beret-capped French Riviera oil painting sex toy boyfriend caress your breasts in the sun on a white sand beach with his dry brush. Take the hands out of playing tune in Tokyo and soften her hard bush. Crowd those mountains together and feel the dense vastness of her foothills.● needle (needle)in accordance with the nipple, brush has been made so as to draw a gentle curve toward the center.The material is silicone, which is supple, soft, and has a rounded tip, which gives a gentle stimulation.● DenseSilicone brush with finer density than Needle.Seen from the side, it is cut into a V shape. The rotation gives an irregular and complex stimulus.● Soft Brush Abrush made of a soft material, such as a feather or a brush tip.When the nipple is submerged in a fluffy brush and then rotated, the soft bristles wrap the nipple to stimulate it softly.Or adjust the height with the handle of the nipple dome body, touch the tip of the nipple for a while, and then rotate it to enjoy delicate stimulation.● Hard BrushA hard type brush that uses a hard material.It's very stimulating, so try starting with a weak rotation and then gradually increasing it.Perfect for those who like hard stimulation.
Wild One
California Exotics - Sheology Advanced 3 Piece Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set (Multi Colour)
Revive your vagina's comfort and strength with this three piece silicone set of dilators. Using three different sizes, you'll gradually dilate your vaginal strength and capacity in a uniquely wearable way. These dilators are curved for ergonomic ease of use and can be paired with a bullet vibrator to enhance comfort. The set comes with a guide written by Dr. Sherry. Specs Total Length: 7.95 cm(dilator 1)8.59 cm (dilator 2)9.46 cm (dilator 3) Insertable Length: - Width: 3.25 cm (dilator 1)4.44 cm (dilator 2)4.9 cm (dilator 3) Material: Silicone Waterproof: Yes Color: Pink Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
California Exotics
Daydream - A Shrine Maiden Costume (Multi Colour)
Set their senses ablaze with this flirty little get up. The passionate red color and the short length give a peek at legs and cheeky intimate areas. Flirt and tease in this hot little get up. Get all dolled up with a matching hair ornament. with the shirt and the jacket. You're sure to tempt. This polyester costume is enticing and fun.Size: Top length 54 cm Cuffs 33 cm Waist 72 cm Stretched 80 cm Skirt length 49 cmSet contents: Priestess jacket, skirt, hair ornamentColor: White / redMaterial: polyester
Day Dream
Daydream - No. 1 Neat and Clean Sailor Suit Costume (Multi Colour)
A sailor girl knows how good it feels to get wet! Now you can enjoy the popular sailor suit aesthetic with this cute jacket and pleated skirt combo from Daydream. The set comes with a top with a navy sailor collar and satin ribbons on the sleeves. The chest ribbon is easily attached or detached with a pin.Size: Sailorjacket length 48cm Waist 72cm Skirt length 37cm Skirt side fastener 17cm Box pleats 12 pieces Set contents: Sailor jacket, pleated skirt, ribbonColor: White / NavyMaterial: Polyester, etc.
Day Dream

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