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Magic Eyes - Physical Relations Doll (Beige)
Magic Eyes - Physical Relations is the ultimate sex doll with realistic feel and holes. This unique Torso-based gravure offers the ultimate in sexual pleasure -- with true elasticity, softness, and ribbed interiors to enhance stimulation and pleasure. Whether for foreplay or sexual escapades, this wonderful item will truly meet all your sensual needs with every thrust. Comes with 50ml bottle lotion. 7.5kg real weight. Double hole - Anus, Vagina. Specs Total Length: 47.5cm Insertable Length: 11cm Width: 33cm, 18cm (Height) Material: FDA-Approved Materials: Phthalate-Free Silicone/ABS Plastic Waterproof: Yes Color: Beige Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
Magic Eyes
Act Japan - Marika Masturbator Onahole
The Marika masturbator from Act Japan will bring you to the brink of pleasure and beyond when it is time for some solo loving. This masturbator features a large capacity, so it can take you all the way in. Folds and ripples in the interior, coupled with the elastomer material, make this toy feel surprisingly similar to the real thing, so close your eyes and relish the sensation! Specs Total Length: 15cm Insertable Length: - Width: - Material: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) Waterproof: Yes Color: Beige Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
Magic Eyes - Airu Air Doll Onahole Masturbator (Clear)
This cute, anime air doll is ready to please! The Airu Air Doll Onahole Masturbator is like the real thing, only better, providing hours of life-like stimulation. Safe, consenting, and easy to use, the Airu Air Doll brings date night to a new level. Complete with an air plug and realistic "goods pocket," watch her magic eyes light up as you work your Don Juan magic.   Specs Total Length: Doll:14cm, Vagina: 8.5cm Insertable Length: - Width: Doll: 5.4cm, Vagina :5.5cm Material: ABS Plastic Waterproof: Yes Color: Clear Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
Magic Eyes
KMP - Perfect Meiki #01 Shelly Fujii Onahole (Beige)
Imagine the perfect woman descending in front of you, with this beautifully modeled masturbator. Choose your hole, and enjoy a realistic skin-like texture both inside and out. Superior interior material intertwines your penis and draws you to the pleasure of your ideal fantasies.   Specs Total Length: 17.5cm Insertable Length: - Width: - Material: Phthalate-free, latex-free, non-porous silicone and ABS plastic Waterproof: Yes Color: Beige Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
EXE - Excellent Lotion 150ml (Cool)
Ever want to spice up sex or your solo play without spending a fortune on toys and potions? The EXE Excellent Lotion (Cool) allows you to amplify your pleasure at a small price. The lotion provides enough lubrication, so everything slides the ideal amount. It's safe to use on toys or place it on your body to experience lubrication with a gentle, cooling sensation.
EXE - Excellent Lotion 150ml (Warm)
Of course, sex and masturbation feel amazing every time you do it, but you know that the same ol' routine gets boring. With EXE Excellent Lotion (Warm), you get the benefit of lubrication with a warming sensation. It's so versatile that both men and women can take truly make the big “O” big. Use it on sex toys or put a big dab of it on your member to experience pleasure like never before.
EXE - Excellent Lotion 360ml (Cool)
Excellent lotion for the before and definitely the after. It goes on soft and comes off sensual. No need to question.Use this lotion whether you are reclining with your partner, or meeting up in a hurry. This is a lotion for the ages, suitable for all types of skin, no need to worry.Carry it with you, keep in your home. Wear it, share it, power up and roam.
EXE - Excellent Lotion 360ml (Warm)
Lubrication is important for any sexual experience, and if you and your lover need a little help moisturizing a delicate area, consider this high-quality lotion. With its no-stringing action, you don't have to worry about nasty stains or gross strands of lotion popping up on your skin. Even better, it provides you with a relaxing warming action that will calm your muscles and make sex a little bit easier to manage.
EXE - Excellent Lotion 600ml (Cool)
A good sex lotion needs to be comfortable to apply, relaxing, and have no nasty stringing action. Our great cooling lotion provides all of those benefits and the ability to gently cool your skin. In the heat of your sexual passions, this lotion can help restore your skin to its natural temperature and avoid getting too "hot." It also feels soothing when applied and creates a well-lubricated texture that you and your partner will love.
EXE - Excellent Lotion 600ml (Warm)
Anyone looking for an easy-to-wash and well-hydrating sex lotion need look no further than our awesome product. This sexy lotion can be applied directly on your delicate sensual areas to provide a nice level of lubrication. It can also provide your skin with some healing hydration and a little burst of warmth to relax your muscles and make sex more fun. Get ready for a little naughty fun when you try this product!
G Project - G Project × Pepee Bottle Lotion 220ml (Hot)
G Project and top lubrication maker Peepee have joined forces to create a sensational lube that reduces friction and creates a realistic warming sensation. This 220 ml bottle of G Project x Peepee Hot Lotion Lube boasts a skin-like texture and is specially designed to add a human element and extra hotness to your playtime with your favorite sex dolls or other intimate toys.
G Project
G Project - G Project × Pepee Bottle Lotion 220ml (Lube)
Using the right lotion can make a huge difference in your love life. Lotion stimulates the genitals, enhancing pleasure and bringing you closer to your partner. You can use lotion as sensual massage oil for your partner or when working solo. Peepee Bottle Lotion provides the lubrication you need for amazing sex. If you want to spice up your love life, try Peepee Bottle Lotion.
G Project
G Project - G Project × Pepee Hole Cleaner 150ml (Clear)
Your please is no laughing matter, and neither is your hygiene. That's why you need the G Project x Pepee Hole Cleaner, custome designed to keep your favorite doll fresh and fun for years to come! Each bottle features 150 ml of safely made, domestically produced cleaning solution of the highest grade. And with a buiilt in jet nozzle that allows easy access to the deepest holes, cleanup hasx never been faster or easier!
G Project
G Project - Kuu Doll 2 (Clear)
Oh, you great big beautiful doll!This is a hugging type doll for your ultimate sexual thrill. The custom nipple parts make the experience of playing with your doll and holding her close a breathtaking experience. She's always available for you to play with; to pet and stroke and penetrate. Behold, the day of the toy joy! The model depicted is 21.   Specs Total Length: Length: 150cmBust: 72cm Waist: 60cm Insertable Length: - Width: - Material: Silicone Waterproof: Yes Color: Clear Battery: - Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
G Project
G Project - Kuu-Pillow 2 (Beige)
G Project proudly presents the Kuu-Pillow 2 in sensual beige. This is the pillow that hugs you back! Made for contact with your skin, the PVC casing will never rub you the wrong way. Slip into this delightful pillow for the best in sexual satisfaction as you use it for your most intimate delight. The model depicted is 21.   Specs Total Length: 150cm Insertable Length: - Width: 34cm Material: Silicone Waterproof: Yes Color: Beige Battery: TPE Max Charging Time: - Max Usage Time: - Vibration Modes: -
G Project
G Project - Sarara Bottle Lotion 220ml (Lube)
The top toy maker G Project has collaborated with top lube maker PePee in Japan. This 220 ml easy squeeze tube of Sahara Lubricating Lotion has no sstring threading, allowing it to be one of the smoothest lubes available today. The Sahara formula has firm holding power so you can too. Easy to clean Sahara lube is the perfect way to smooth the way to greater pleasure with your sex dolls, toys, or for masturbation.
G Project
Hot Power - Crown Prince Serious Juice Lotion Lubricant 300ml (Hard Soft)
Be the Royal Ruler of the boudoir with Hot Power - Crown Prince Serious Juice Lotion Lubricant 300ml (Hard Soft).When you and your Royal concubine enter the chamber of pleasure, increase your mutual delight with this lotion of love for all of the places that you rub together for sexual pleasure.Long live the King!n.
Hot Power
Hot Power - Crown Prince Serious Juice Lotion Lubricant 300ml (Normal)
When paired with your sex toys, this lubricant becomes warm, giving off one seriously amazing sensation. The Hot Power - Crown Prince Serious Juice Lotion Lubricant 300ml (Normal) is designed to be paired with your favorite sex toys, helping you to stay comfortable and creating a natural feel, while also creating new heat-induced sensations to take your feels to the next level.
Hot Power
Hot Power - Saliva Lotion Lubricant 300ml (Lube)
If you are a person that doesn't think that lotions are the best option but saliva is your preferred method of lubrication, then the Saliva Lotion Lubricant by Hot Power is the perfect option for you. It is the best of both worlds and allows you to get everything you want out of a lotion and lubricant and then some. Try this special formula today and experience the difference.
Hot Power
Ikebukuro Toys - Onedari Gakuen Freshman Sakura's Smell Lubricant 200ml (Cherry Blossoms)
Choosing a sexy lubricant is vital for a pleasureable and relaxing sexual experience. our Oda no Odori Gauken series is among the most popular lubricants on our site. It provides you with a comfortable and healing lubrication experience that is hard to top. Beyond that, it also has the wonderful smell of sweet cherry blossoms to provide your senses with a stimulating burst of incredible smells.
Ikebukuro Toys

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